Zoology Department

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The Zoology Honours Degree

Marine Biology
Fresh Water Biology
Avian Biology The course-work involved in all four options is identical but the project (or projects) are expected to lie within the student's chosen field. The aim of the Honours degree is to offer an introduction to research, including not only methodology but also the philosophy of science, research ethics, scientific writing etc. There are also courses in statistics and biochemistry. Minor research projects are undertaken and the students are exposed to actual research being undertaken in the department and by visiting scientists.

Entrance to the Honours degree program is strictly limited and an upper second class BSc from UCT (or a first class from any other university) is required to be sure of being admitted. The BSc degree should normally include a three year major in Zoology, a year of chemistry and at least a half course in mathematics, (although occasionally a concession may be granted to an outstanding student.)

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