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Tekie Anday Tekie Anday
MSc student

Tekie is qualified with a MSc degree in Statistical Sciences (University of Cape Town, South Africa). His MSc included course work as well as a dissertation entitled: 'Application of ANOVA for the analysis of temporal and spatial differences in the length of pelagic goby preyed by Cape fur seals in the Namibian coast'.
He initially obtained a BSc degree in Marine Biology (University of Asmara). Tekie completed his secondary school education with distinction and was awarded university scholarships with distinction resulting from his matriculation exam. While studying at UCT, he also tutored and consulted undergraduate and postgraduate students in statistical courses.
Tekie has more than 2 years experience as a marine biologist and as a fieldwork research coordinator in aquaculture projects (Sea Water Farms, Eritrea). His responsibilities included 1. Conducting research activities on shrimps, 2. Monitoring shrimp culture farms for growing shrimps up to market size, and 3. Managing farm databases using the Microsoft programs, Access, SPSS and Excel.
Tekie's skills include the identification and solution of real-world problems using quantitative statistical techniques, as well as having a sound knowledge of underlying theoretical principles. Programming skills were developed to the extent that statistical models could be accurately and efficiently implemented.

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