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The Maritime Law Association of South Africa

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The South African MLA is the professional association of maritime lawyers in SA. Its membership is open to practising maritime lawyers, academics and those in the shipping industry having an interest in maritime law. The work of the MLA is done through Committees and through the Durban and Cape Town Chapters of the association.

A three day AGM is held each year at which workshops on topical issues are held and at which  EXCO members are elected for two year terms.

The MLA was formed in the early 1970s to spearhead the reform of maritime law in SA. Its most notable projects have been the preparation and bringing onto the statute book of the Admiralty Jurisdiction Regulation Act, the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act and the Wreck and Salvage Act . Through the efforts of its EXCO and its members, the MLA is contributing to the ongoing debate on the reform of the laws relating to the ownership, registration and mortgaging of ships, and to the preparation of a Marine Insurance Act. The revision of the Admiralty Court Rules is nearing completion. There is a Title to Sue Act in preparation by members of the MLA.

Through the Conventions Committee of the MLA, on-going international developments in maritime law are monitored with a view to the MLA members being in a position to advise the SA government whether to adopt conventions both old and new. The Conventions Committee has prepared the database of conventions on this site.

The SA MLA is a member of the Comite Maritime International which celebrated its 100th anniversary in June 1997. In May 1999 Professor John Hare was elected to the Council of the CMI for a four-year term.

View a list of the current MLA EXCO members, with their contact addresses, and the directory of all members' e-mail addresses.  Please let us know of any additions or omissions.

The SA MLA was well represented at the May 1999 celebrations of the USA Maritime Law Association's centenary in New York.

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(Left): The SA delegation presented a carved African fish eagle to the USA Association to mark the occasion. Pictured are (l to r) John Hare (President of the SA MLA), Bill Dorcey and Howard McCormack (Vice-President and President of the USA MLA respectively), Johan Swart (Secretary of the SA MLA) and John Dyason.

(Right): The SA delegation at full strength attended the black tie event at the Museum of Modern Art, New York: (l to r): John Dyason (Findlay & Tait), John Hare (UCT), Andrew Robinson (Deneys Reiutz Durban) and Johan Swart (Shepstone & Wylie Cape Town).

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(Left): John Hare enjoying the occasion with Prof Marc Huybrechts (University of Antwerp) and Prof Michael Sturley (University of Texas).


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