Updated: 04 May 2006


The Cape of Storms
Ships in trouble in Cape waters

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The Ikan Tanda, a victim of the Cape of Storms.
(see also http://www.e-gnu.com/shipwreck_update.html)

i3.jpg (17764 bytes) On Wednesday, September 5, 2001 the Ikan Tanda, a bulk carrier, ran aground off Scarborough on the southern Cape Peninsula's Atlantic coast, at the mercy of what has been described as the worst storm for 50 years. The same storm blew a fishing vessel onto the breakwater in Table Bay.
i2.jpg (10588 bytes) Of immediate concern was the fuel oil in her tanks, and the fear of pollution should the tanks rupture as the vessel was battered by high, storm-driven breakers.
i8.jpg (18246 bytes) Hard aground at Scarborough, the Ikan Tanda is unlikely to be towed off, having been driven hard onto the beach by heavy seas and high winds. Continuing high winds and waves made removal of her cargo and fuel very difficult. 
i7.jpg (23829 bytes) For more information about the Ikan Tanda, her grounding, efforts to remove her fuel oil and prevent pollution, visit the website http://www.e-gnu.com/shipwreck_update.html. Daily updates and dramatic photos are provided.
i4.jpg (27457 bytes) The Shipping Law class of 2001 visit the wreck scene of the Ikan Tanda, still high on the beach a week after running aground in a storm.

The Cape of Storms has claimed many victims over the years.

NEW: 27 crew members out of 33 on board are reported missing after the bulk carrier Alexandros T, en route from Brazil to China, sank on 3 May 2006 in stormy weather 528 km south of Port Alfred on the South African south coast. (Photo found by Google.)
ap1.jpg (19361 bytes) The VLCC Atlas Pride (front) transships her cargo of crude oil after sustaining severe hull damage off the Cape.
bos.jpg (21755 bytes) The BOS 400 was being towed around the Cape by the tug Tigr in a storm, when she broke loose and ran aground in June 1994. The loss of the crane barge has resulted in three High Court judgments in London and five in Cape Town. The barge was valued at more than US$80-m
ee1.jpg (19960 bytes) The VLCC Energy Endurance alongside in Cape Town after losing shell plating for'ard of her collision bulkhead, both port and starboard.
ee2.jpg (26751 bytes) The hole in the Energy Endurance's for'ard section went right through from port to starboard.
hal.jpg (27845 bytes) The VLCC Tochal, whilst rounding the Cape fully laden, was hit by heavy seas which resulted in her entire lower bow section for'ard of the collision bulkhead falling away. This was how she looked before loose steel was cut away.
hrv.jpg (15248 bytes) The trawler Harvest Capella ran aground at Oudeschip and became a total loss. The picture shows Prof Hare, in his practice days, about to lowered onto the wreck at the end of a helicopter winch wire.
snm.jpg (26078 bytes) The Cypriot panamax San Marco, built 1968, was no match for storms off the Cape in November 1993. She was a patently sub-standard floating disaster which had been condemned by Port State Control inspection in Vancouver, yet re-entered with the Hellenic register after her deletion by BV. With no H&M and no P&I cover she was en route to Indonesia with a cargo of phosphates when shell-plating from both sides of her hull in No.1 hold carried away, leaving a hold 14x7 meters. She ended her days by judicial sale in Cape Town, followed by scrapping.
wav.jpg (16848 bytes) Waves break over the Mimosa, awaiting a cargo transshipment in Algoa Bay
whz.jpg (21658 bytes) The World Horizon lost most of her bow in heavy weather off the Cape. Here she lies waiting for temporary repairs before sailing from Cape Town. What you see is damage done by the sea alone.
bri.jpg (21593 bytes) The Norwegian VLCC shown here was hit by the same storm which sank the passenger ship Oceanos off the South African east coast. Her entire accommodation section was stained by oil which had spewed out of ruptured deck pipes carried away by green seas.
dek.jpg (23038 bytes) The same VLCC looking for'ard. Note how the sea has bent her oil piping running the full length of the vessel.
wrk.jpg (33301 bytes) Discharging wet rice from the holds of the Areti L in Cape Town