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A Rainbow for the Nation

A spin-off from our environment project, a new book, A Rainbow for the Nation, is now available for ordering. [more..]

Parliament of Religions Seminars

An account of the seminar series co-sponsored by RICSA at the Parliament of the World's Religions is now available on our site. [more..]

ME99 Proceedings
The Multi-Event 99 Proceedings are now available on this site. The Research Report on the process of involving community groups in the process is also available.

Arts & Transformation Workshop
In September 1999, the Arts and Transformation research area sponsored a workshop on Christianity, the arts and transformation. The workshop involved three local churches and featured Cambridge theologian Jeremy Begbie.

New South African Outlook
A stalwart of struggle journalism and part of the legacy of socially responsible mission Christianity in South Africa has been relaunched, with its first three issues now available.


Public Policy Bibliography
Professor James Cochrane has completed an annotated bibliography on religion and public policy.

Africanisation of Christianity
RICSA's project on the Africanisation of Christianity continues to gather information.

Parliament of the World's Religions
RICSA is working with the Department of Religious Studies at UCT and the World Conference on Religion and Peace to sponsor a series of workshops on religion and resistance to apartheid at the Parliament of the World's Religions in Cape Town in December.

RICSA -- established in 1991 at the
University of Cape Town -- focuses its research on the role of Christianity within South African society, particularly with regard to social transformation. RICSA's four main research areas are:

RICSA also undertakes specially commissioned research which is in accordance with RICSA's vision and mission. RICSA's research is disseminated in publications, conferences and workshops, and on this web site. Click here for more about RICSA.