Mark Solms

Ph.D. (WITS)

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Tel. No: 6503437
Room Number:4.34
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Research interests

Brain mechanisms of dreaming, emotion, motivation.

Psychological mechanisms of confabulation and anosognosia syndromes.

Teaching Interests

Neuropsychology Research and Clinical.

Selected Publications

Pace-Schott, E., Solms, M., Blagrove, M. & Harnad, S. (eds.)  Sleep and dreaming: Scientific advances and reconsiderationsCambridge and New York: Cambridge University Press.

Solms, M. and Turnbull, O. (2002). The brain and the inner world. An introduction to the neuroscience of subjective experience. New York: Other Press. (With a foreword by Oliver Sacks).

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Solms, M. (2000).  Forebrain mechanisms of dreaming are activated from a variety of sources. Behavioral and Brain Sciences  23(6): 1035-1040; 1083-1121

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