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Dr Jeremy Wanderer
BSc(Hons) PGCE MSc PhD Lond

Senior Lecturer
(Currently on leave of absence)

Areas of interest: epistemology, philosophy of language, moral psychology.

Email: Jeremy.Wanderer[at]

Robert Brandom (Philosophy Now)
Publisher: Acumen Publishing
Publication Date: 2008


Steven Hendley, International Journal of Philosophical Studies, 2009.
Chris Gauker, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 2009.
Daniel Whiting, Philosophy in Review, 2009. 
Andrew Jorgensen, Philosophical Papers, 2009. 
Jaroslav Peregrin, Organon, 2010.

Reading Brandom on Making it Explicit
Publisher: Routledge
Publication Date: 2010



James R. O'Shea, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, 2010.


Recent Papers and Random Drafts

Wanderer, J. (2013) ‘Interpersonal Views of Testimony’ International Journal of Philosophical Studies 21(1): 92-110.

Wanderer, J. And Townsend, L. (2013) ‘Is it rational to trust?’ Philosophy Compass 8(1): 1-13]  

Wanderer, J (2012). 'The Happy Thought of a Single Man': On the Legendary Beginnings of a Style of Reasoning. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A 43 (4):640-648.

Wanderer, J. (2012)   'Addressing Testimonial Injustice: Being ignored and Being Rejected' Philosophical Quarterly 62: 148-169.  

Wanderer, J. (2011)   On Vice and Confession SAJP 30(3): 408-416. [Prepublication draft here ]

Wanderer, J. (2010) 'Inhabiting the Space of Reasoning' Analysis 70: 367-378.

Wanderer, J. (2010)   'Brandom's Challenges' In Weiss & Wanderer (eds.) Reading Brandom (Routledge).


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