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Animal viruses

There are at present 20 recognized families of viruses that contain viruses of humans or animals.
Historically, properties used most often in classification derive from electron microscopic examination e.g. virion morphology, structure and dimensions, and presence or absence of an envelope.

Additional characterization is supplied by the type and nature of the genomic nucleic acid.

A few of the more common animal viruses will be illustrated.

To get more information and detailed images of each virus, as well as colour diagrams, CLICK on the title of the virus.

DNA-containing viruses

1. Adenovirus
2. Papillomavirus

3. Herpesvirus

4. Hepatitis B virus

5. Molluscum contagiosum

6. Parvo virus

RNA-containing viruses

1. Influenza virus
2. Rotavirus

3. Paramyxoviruses

4. Enteroviruses

5. Rift Valley Fever Virus


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