Course for 3rd year Civil Engineering students as a requirement for certification. Course covers: Minerals; clays; igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks; structure of the earth; plate tectonics; surface processes; rock weathering; soil profiles and geotechnical features; geological maps; geological structures; rock mass rating; slope stability; geohydrology and waste disposal; site investigations and case histories; S. African stratigraphy; engineering geology of the western Cape.
Course Coordinator  Dr. John Rogers, Geological Sciences Extension, phone (021) 650 3165
Lecturers Dr John Rogers email:
  Dr Giulio Viola email:
Course Structure 5 lectures and 1 practical per week
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There are three compulsory field excursions associated with ERT100F
1. Half day field trip to Hout Bay looking at coastal, estuary and river systems.
2. Half day archaeology field trip
3. Half day field trip involving hiking up to Tafelberg Road from the UCT upper campus.
Written reports must be completed for each of these field trips.

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