Herbarium Research

Research associated with the Bolus Herbarium covers a wide spectrum focussed on aspects of the Cape Flora such as endemism, biogeography and systematics and evolution.

Systematic and evolutionary work is current on the following groups: 

  • Asclepiadoideae (Apocynaceae), P.V. Bruyns
  • Bryophytes, T. Hedderson
  • Euphorbiaceae,  P.V. Bruyns
  • Cyperaceae, M. Muasya
  • Lampranthus group (Aizoaceae), C. Klak
  • Psoralea, Otholobium & Aspalathus, C.H. Stirton & M. Muasya
  • Ruschioideae (Aizoaceae), C. Klak
  • Rutaceae, T.H. Trinder-Smith

Contributions from the Bolus Herbarium (THOUGH DISCONTINUED IN 2006, VOLUMES REMAIN AVAILABLE
). Follow this link for available volumes.

Recent publications by permanent - , associated staff and students, relevant to the holdings:


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